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Lee's Premium Beard Products


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  • All is well! There are a couple things I like about you company that kinda stand out to me. First, you have a great website. It's very professional, easy to use, and I didn't have to go searching through ETSY to find what I wanted (people selling their products through ETSY screams amateur to me). Second, you have a wide variety of scents available. I REALLY enjoy the scent of the oil I ordered (Shave and a Haircut) and the way it manages my beard. I can tell already, even after just 2 applications, that this is my new favorite...and I have several other beard oils at my disposal. Thank you for the follow up and the great product and service! All the best  -Tom

  • The cherry licorice is awesome, even my daughter was impressed, black licorice wasn't what I was expecting but I'll give it a shot, see what it's like once on. Never used any beard oil before so curious what it'll do once applied. Wife likes the scent too, and they say Twizzlers make mouths happy, y'all doing it for beards! -Nate

  • One of the best products I have used in a while. Keeps my beard really soft. LOVE IT! - Joe

  • I recently bought some beard oils from another company and Lee's is still my favorite! Big thumbs up! - Andrew

  • Normally I am not one to brag on a company but the oils I just received deserve a review. Now with that said let me say I have tried various beard oils, balms, and mustache waxes. I always like to try small businesses products out and support them. So I stumbled upon Lee's Premium beard products on EBay last week. I ordered a sampler pack of the "gentleman's package" it came with vanilla tobacco, cup of joe, and a cut and a shave. Well I got the package today.... And wow.... The scents are out of this world. I used the cup of joe about 5 hours ago. The scent is very present still but was never over powering. The oil has a great shine and made for a very thick and healthy looking beard this afternoon. I don't know that I will be shopping around anymore as this is the best oil that has ever used on my whiskers. I can't wait to try the other scents and products. Well done for a great product at a great price. I will share with my other furry friends and pass the word along. -John